ESP8266 – Arduino

Phase 1 – Getting it Working

Like most people I bought a couple of the ESP8266 modules thinking it would be easy to get WiFi on my Arduino, although it wasn’t that difficult it was quite tedious. I will now document my learning of the ESP8266 and how to 1. Get it talking to the PC 2. Update the firmware 3. Set up a basic webserver 4. Modify the Webserver to talk to any Arduino via Software Serial and Finally control a relay via a webserver which can be used in any number of projects.

As of 28/03/17 I have only managed to finish up 3. – Create a basic webserver and turn on and off the light via the web.

1 – Get it Talking

I used a few components her

  • FTDI Board – I only had the 5V version
  • 5V to 3V3 Converter
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires
  • ESP8266

Wiring it up – This is for a 3V3 FTDI – As I only had a 5V one I used a 10K & 22K resistor voltage divider to get around 3.3V. (Worked for me) I have heard of people using straight 5V but I tried and it worked for 1 and killed the other. I would recommend getting a 3.3V FTDI.

Get it Talking